Wedding Fair Deals Autumn 2016

It is now very much the season of wedding fairs and time to get shopping for those all-important details to make your big day extra special! So check out the WHERE TO SEE CHRIS page to find out where you can come along and meet me and get an exclusive wedding show deal for your magical entertainment. After all, you should make a saving if you come along and book on the day!

You will also get to see the sort of magic I perform and discuss any special requirements you may have in mind. So do not delay, come along to get exclusive savings on full reception drinks and wedding breakfast coverage with deals that may be even better than you think! (Prices vary Mon – Thurs and Fri, Sat, Sun) so you could scoop a deal if you are marrying midweek.

Plus, there are flexible payment options – either pay in full at time of booking so it is done and dusted or just pay a small deposit to secure the booking and defer the balance until two weeks before the big day. Either way, this season is the BEST time to come along to a wedding fair and get booking! Look forward to seeing you there!

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A quick trick…

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New Brochures

Chris Harding Magician BrochuresHooray! After many weeks of careful design work, my brand new brochures have now arrived!

Beautifully printed over twelve pages, this is the perfect promotional piece to give to my clients that will give the full run-down of what I do and how it is guaranteed to enhance any occasion.

YES, I know people say that most of us are looking at websites these days but as websites become more and more commonplace to what they were even just five years ago, a professionally designed and printed physical brochure carries substantial weight; perhaps more so now than ever before. If you are a potential client or have an interest in how booking me would make your next event more successful, then visit the CONTACT PAGE right now to request a copy and price list.

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Site Updates

The more astute and regular visitors to my website (if there are any regular visitors!) will have noticed a few changes – this is I hope to make the website easier to navigate and all round more user-friendly.

I have added videos throughout certain pages that are relevant to the type of magic on there as well s updating the four main navigation buttons on the bottom of the front page – now you can easily get to close up magic, cabaret magic, wedding magic and also price quote pages!

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Cabaret & Stage Magic Showreel Now Online

At long last I have managed to get together a little bit of footage to put together a “taster” showreel for my cabaret and stage magic show work.

Thank you to everyone that has sent such positive comments so far – if you are interested in booking this kind of show or wish to discuss further then as always, please do not hesitate to get on touch!

Cabaret and Stage Magic

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How much does a magician cost?

And why do some cost more than others?

I get asked an awful lot about prices… “How much do you charge?” And following my reply, the response can very varied.

The fees of professional magicians vary greatly but if you understand the reasons for this, it will make your decision to book the right magician a lot easier.

When you pay for a professional entertainer to come to your wedding or event, you are not just paying for them to wandering around doing card tricks for a few hours. The best magicians understand that the key to success at any event is to use the magic they perform as a means to create a MEMORABLE and SUCCESSFUL event for all involved.

For example, how many weddings have you been to when for years to come after the big day, people still talk about and reminisce about how wonderful the flowers were or how much they enjoyed their fillet of beef? Probably not that often!

BUT…if you meet someone that has been to a wedding where there was a good magician then it is likely that even several years after they will still be talking about the entertainment!

So for your event to have a memorable and entertaining atmosphere, make sure you book someone that knows how to do this inside out. Call and chat to them prior to booking, ask questions or even arrange an informal meeting to discuss in person. After all, the investment you make in a professional entertainer is going to be a big decision and as already mentioned, the right decision means guaranteed success all round.


Mix and mingle magic is about SO much more than wandering around doing tricks. The magician is there to break the ice and bring groups of guests together, subtly creating a great atmosphere at the event. Magic is simply the vehicle for the skilled performer to accomplish this.
So get to the point Chris – how much does it cost???
Well the short answer is that there is not short answer to this question. Magicians will offer different packages and rates depending on the requirements of the customer. After all, every single event is different in some way and the times and occasions during which a professional magician can be most useful will vary.When you make a price enquiry you will usually receive several prices back which will be for different packages or performance lengths that the magician will have given as options for you to decide between.For example, a small group of 20 people is not going to need a three hour slot of close up magic. Similarly, a client with 300 guests looking to add magic is going to be better off with an after-dinner show as opposed to trying to get a close up magician to visit every table and the fees and requirements for each of these is going to be considerably different.

Why are some magicians more expensive than others???

In short, experience and quality!

What you are paying for in addition to that already mentioned above, is a level of experience and therefore knowledge of exactly how to make the event a success.

A magician that has many years of experience is going to have come across pretty much every kind of situation at an event so will have the skills and knowledge to ensure their performance works to maximum effect.

A performer that is fairly new to the field may still have some good tricks but will not yet have the experience to focus on creating the BUZZ and atmosphere as well as the tricks yet. It takes time to learn these skills and there really is no short cut.

You spend a LOT of money on flowers, food, and favours to name but a few. But you can guarantee that if you select the right magician, the entertainment at your wedding will be remembered for many years to come by your guests. The value of a quality, experienced enertainer is very high.
Show me the money!!!So in conclusion it is really like buying anything else… There are different types of the same thing available for practically everything nowadays. Brands vary and everyone has their own taste. If you are shopping for an entertainer based solely on price then you are looking at it the wrong way.Cheapest is not always the best solution and similarly, simply picking the most expensive just based on the fact they are the most expensive is not a recipe for success either.

You should be looking for the person that can guarantee they will deliver at your event, then find out which of their packages fits best for you.

Want to know more about the price?

Click here to get started on a quote now.

Or if you prefer, click here to email the details and date of your event to get a list of prices and packages available for your particular event.

Thank you for reading and as always, if you have any questions regarding anything in this email or about my performances then please do not hesitate to drop me a line.And remember – the time to book your CHRISTMAS PARTY ENTERTAINMENT is now here so to ensure you get the date and time for your festive frivolities visit the website to drop me a line and get it booked in now!
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Cards in a Bottle & “The Selfie Bottle!”



Yes they are back – by popular demand plus a brand new feature option has been added – the option to have YOURSELF in the bottle too with “The Selfie Bottle!” What a calling card to leave for a super important client or give to a friend or relative as a memento of their birthday or wedding!


The previously sold BRIDGE sized decks have now been discontinued permanently as I have – after almost a decade of searching – found the perfect bottle to JUST fit a fully sized poker deck within. This bottle really is perfect as the top edges of the deck are only fractionally away from the glass making it the best looking and most impossible Cards in a Bottle ever offered here!


I am really proud of these and hope you enjoy the new addition: “The Selfie Bottle!” These are a great place to have a more personal touch to the traditional cards in a bottle. Custom decks of cards can be placed into the bottles too upon request. If you have a special deck or request please get in touch to discuss the requirements and possibilities.


Check out the full details, pictures and order info on the new website page here: Cards in a Bottle by Chris Harding


Thank you for reading and as always if you have any questions at all then please do get in touch and I will be happy to discuss. Have a great week everyone!

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R.I.P. Keith Harris & Orville

Keith Harris is a well know name to multiple generations of fans, both young and old.Keith Harris & Orville

Today though sadly Keith lost his battle with cancer and passed away in hospital during the early hours.

For many, the sadness is not just the passing of one of the most talented ventriloquists of recent times, but also that is signals the end of the lovable, big green duck that so many of us grew to love over the years.

If you never saw the Louis Theroux documentary back in 2002 in which he spent time getting to know Keith and his family it is well worth checking out as I think it shows just how genuine, passionate and talented an individual this man was. There is a chance it may be re-aired by the BBC as a tribute over the coming weeks but there is also an OK quality version of it online here: When Louis met Keith Harris & Orville

R.I.P. Keith Harris, 1947 – 2015, you will be missed by a great many of us.

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Save 25% when you book for Jan/Feb 2016!

Every now and again I like to run a special offer for clients and this time it is for those of you that are planning your wedding day for January or February 2016!

Save 25% on your January/February wedding 2016!

Why book me to perform at your wedding then? Well there us a very good reason because if you book before Friday 3rd April you can save 25% on the cost of having me at your wedding!

The offer is redeemable via my FACEBOOK PAGE HERE and there are some terms and conditions that can be viewed before you claim the offer. But if you have any queries or questions then please do not hesitate to ask.

This is a great deal and will only run for a few weeks so be sure to get in whilst the option is there!

For full information about what I do at weddings please check out the wedding magic pages above and also the videos for some live wedding action!

So what are you waiting for? Get clicking and get claiming that offer! I look forward to being part of your big day!

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Filming at The Old Kent Barn & Westenhanger Castle

On Sunday 1st March, myself, swing vocalist Peter Dinsley, Apollo Funk Entertainments and the team from Cherrywood Productions met at Westenhanger Castle just outside of Hythe in Kent at 9am!Wedding Entertainment at The Old Kent Barn


Well everyone else was there at nine, but I eventually arrived at 10am!


We were to start work on a wedding promotional video that aims to showcase the best entertainment options for your wedding as well as the perfect way to capture it on film. This is a quick photo preview of one of the shots but there is SO much more still to come so stay tuned to the blog and Facebook page for more details coming very soon!

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