At Cooling Castle for the Wedding of Kayleigh and Mark

On a Thursday afternoon in the heart of Kent, the sun was shining and the guests were buzzing at Cooling Castle Barn. I had racked out the sandy tones for my suit, complete with Barker shoes and pale pink shirt – all set for a summer wedding! 

Upon arrival I was delighted to be greeted by the one and only Peter Dinsley who would be joining me on the entertainment front with his wonderful live vocals – he really is a class act and a superb performer.

This delight was only heightened when I spotted that I would also be working alongside the man that really puts the ‘MASTER’ into the word ‘TOASTMASTER’ – the inimitable and one of a a kind, Mr Ken Tappenden; a real treat indeed.The Cooling Castle Ice Cream tricycle was at the ready to serve the guests a host of luxury flavoured ice cream cones which was a huge hit and only put the guests in an even better mood that they already were from the overall wonderful atmosphere of the day that made them a top notch audience.

It’s days like today that make me feel incredibly lucky that people choose me to be a part of their special day – this was a truly fantastic celebration for a genuinely lovely couple and a real honour to be a part of. 

Home in time to do some work on my newly scripted stage/cabaret show for this year – really feel like I have come up with the perfect selection of material, structure and pace after several years of development, which will hopefully come across as an extension of my style in close up work but using larger effect to play to a bigger audience without maintaining the integrity of what I consider to be good magic! Fear not – I won’t be putting anyone into boxes and sawing them in half – nothing quite so cliche!

For now though a huge thank you to the Cooling Castle team who as ever made me feel so welcome and always do a great job of playing host to the happy couple and their guests. Big congratulations to Kayleigh and Mark – thank you both once again for having me.


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