Outbound Marketing for Magic

As part of some ongoing changes here at Chris Harding HQ I will be doing a lot more outbound marketing in 2017. Having been in this business for fifteen years now I can recall years ago actually doing physical PAPER mail outs!

I know right – stuffing hundreds of envelopes with promotional material and brochures. But we are now in an age where communication is easier than ever before and email marketing is the simplest and most efficient way for me to keep in touch with you all (alongside social media but we will save that for another blog post).

We all receive dozens of emails on a  daily basis but I hope you will take the time to sign up to my mailing list and give the newsletters a read when they come through. The content will always be magic related and often contain event news, promotions and offers amongst other things.

To take a look at the initial introduction email and have a read of the content please click here to view.

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