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Hi there, I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead!I am busy preparing for the annual Kent B2B Business Event tomorrow at Ashford International Hotel. It’s a large corporate networking event that is aimed at business people and is an opportunity for networking and to gain new ideas for the corporate sector.

But I just wanted to take a few minutes out to focus a little bit on wedding magic. I had a tonne of emails back from my newsletter I sent out last week with people asking for further details and booking me in for their big day. Some of the questions that came up were the same over and over, so this will be a bit of an overview on weddings and answer those common questions about what points of the day magic works best, how much it costs and bust any myths people may have about booking me for their wedding day…

Don’t let your wedding be forgotten or forgettable!

wedding day openly admit that until we spoke, they had never considered magic as part of their big day and always follow up after the event to say that my magic is one of the MAIN THINGS people are still talking about long after the day is over!

Blending seamlessly in amongst the guests you will hear the reactions all afternoon and absolutely love watching your guests react to not only the magic, but also the humour and entertainment that is part of it.


Do you remember weddings you have been to where you stood around feeling awkward?

Weddings where you sat making small talk with people you don’t really know?


I imagine the answer is probably a resounding YES but don’t worry – we have all been there and it is likely that is was not THE WEDDING ITSELF that made you feel that way, but just the fact you did not really know anyone and there was no means of breaking the ice to get you chatting to the other guests.

This is where close up magic comes in and a lot of people still are not really sure how or why this works for a wedding but read on and I will explain…

The role of the magician at your wedding is not just to wander about performing tricks, yes that it important, but even more important is the ability to carefully analyse the crowd constantly and create moments that involve groups of people currently not interacting, then using the magic to create a common point of unity so that when the tricks are over and the magician moves on, they are already comfortable within each others company and have a common point of focus to continue natural conversation from.
There are a whole bunch of magicians out there but what I have just told you is the big secret that only the very top professionals both understand and use. This is what makes the difference between people just seeing a magician at a wedding and then forgetting about it, compared with people that RAVE about the magician all day and for many years to come.

It is because by understanding the key to making groups interact is what MAKES PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE and consequently relax in the magician’s presence and the company of the other guests. Throw in some mind-blowing moments of magic and the recipe is set for success.

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