Small Parties



Private birthday celebrations and intimate dinner parties have become a hugely popular occasion to have some close up magical entertainment to make the meal more memorable!


For parties as small as seven or eight, the approach is slightly different but still very effective and a substantial number of previous clients that have chosen this option can attest to its success.


For very small groups, over the period of an hour over the meal (see below for options) Chris will entertain the group in three fifteen-minute sets, giving the group a few minutes break between each one to either be served another course, grab a drink and most importantly – discuss the magic! These can take place in private dining rooms in hotels, a designated table in a restaurant or even in your own home!


Popular options for the intimate performance:


1.) In a more formal environment, Chris can start to perform as the guests arrive and gather for initial pre-dinner drinks and keep them entertained, breaking the ice to ensure conversation never falls flat. Then continue through the initial part of the meal, finishing up before main course.


2.) Perform purely through dinner, starting with some pre-starter magic, then allowing guests to eat the course, coming back between subsequent ones to entertain and cover the service gaps, finishing up after the dessert.


3.) Beginning after the main course has finished before dessert, then breaking for the course to be served before returning to continue over coffee and subsequent after-dinner drinks and relaxation.


Please be aware that the above are simply guideline to give you an idea and there are many types of party and setups available so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and for prices. You may even wish to book a small cabaret show for a private party or consider close up magic along with the “End of the Show SHOW” option.